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Coller IP is an award-winning Oxfordshire-based company specialising in intellectual property (IP) strategy, valuation, and monetisation, and has recently ventured beyond the UK and EU borders. It operates as a service provider to assist its clients in all matters related to IP including patent filing, IP strategy, portfolio management, IP valuation and IP licensing.

Providing IP Training in ASEAN

In 2014, the company was requested to provide a training program for a large ASEAN corporate, aimed at supporting the clients’ desire to further strengthen an internal IP department. Successful completion of this project and the request for further assistance prompted Coller IP to explore training in IP as a product within the ASEAN region. This has led to several successive training sessions in both the private and public sectors in Malaysia, Vietnam, and Singapore, and will be expanding to other ASEAN countries in 2017 and 2018. Their continuous presence means that now Coller IP is firmly established as a trainer in IP within the ASEAN region.

Support from the UK IPO attaché and the British Malaysia Chamber of Commerce greatly assisted Coller IP in meeting the right people, arranging logistical support, and market intelligence. Operating both as an IP service provider in the UK and a major trainer in IP in the ASEAN region has significantly expanded Coller IP’s capability to advise its UK clients on obtaining IP rights in the region. It is expected that Singapore will become the premier site for IP registration and litigation and Coller IP’s unique insights into this area have already assisted a wide range of UK clients in securing their international ventures IP and advising them on the proper long-term IP strategy.

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