Taking Stock: A Detailed Review of Agriculture Challenges and Opportunities in Cambodia


This guide is targeted at both large and small investors who are interested in investing in agriculture or starting up operations or expanding existing European business operations to Cambodia.

This study aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the agriculture and agro-processing industry in Cambodia and subsectors of interest to current and prospective investors and exporters.

Investors have been classified into 3 different types in the report: First, Exporters which are investors who export products and services into Cambodia, second, Large investors who set up manufacturing, production, service, research and development or processing plants in Cambodia, typically characterised by large investments of 1 million dollars or over; and third, Small Medium Enterprise (SME) investors which are investors who are typically entrepreneurs or smaller innovators, interested in expanding operations from Europe to Cambodia or who want to set up a business in Cambodia.

The report contains a detailed review of existing data relating to the agriculture and agro-processing industry. The study also incorporates meetings and discussions with importers of agricultural inputs and machinery, wholesalers and distributors of inputs and machinery, agro-processing companies and farmers in seven agriculturally and agro-industrially important provinces.

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