Report: UK Genomics Spotlight: Leading Innovations 2022


Genomics has played an expanding role in the NHS over the last seven decade. The UK’s core strengths in genomics is underpinned through its life sciences heritage and strong foundations. The time is now to focus on its future where the UK is pushing the boundaries of discovery.

Core Strengths:
1. Longstanding leadership in Genomics research as a pioneer with a peerless heritage following elucidation of the DNA double-helix structure to the significant national contribution to the Human Genome Mapping Project and more recently the 100,000 Genome Project. The UK is well placed globally to capitalise on these initiatives.

2. Genomic revolution led by government, supported by industry, academia, health service and charities. With a partnership working approach between sector and government to deliver the Next Generation of life-changing treatments and technologies.

3. At the cutting-edge of Genomic healthcare, informatics tools and precision medicine evidenced by the Genomic surveillance of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, by world leading Wellcome Sanger Institute.

4. Enabling progress through safe and secure access to patient health and Genomic data.

5. UK’s excellence is underpinned by a highly skilled Genomics and informatics workforce.

6. With a National Health Service (NHS), serving a population of 66+ million people, seeks the best innovations and solutions from around the world.

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