Rediscover ASEAN: A Growth Story of 10 Countries


ASEAN is increasingly in focus to be the next global investment destination of choice by both regional and global investors.

Strategically located in the central hub of Asia Pacific, where two-thirds of the world population reside, ASEAN is a dynamic economic hub of over 630 million people, generating Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of US$2.5t and international trade of US$2.3t.

Despite ASEAN’s stable track record of above-average GDP growth of 5.2% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in the last decade, her young and dynamic profile presents wide opportunities for investors to participate in her continued growth ascent.

ASEAN’s economic dynamism is driven by her regional centrality, sheer demographic volume, breadth of diversified industries, conducive and resource-rich ecosystems, strong global and regional trade links, and buoyant tourism activities supported by well-connected transportation logistics.

Looking ahead, ASEAN’s growth momentum and resilience will be determined by geopolitical trade trends, member country economic policies as well as the business investment and influence of regional titans on ASEAN’s resource deployment and infrastructure investments, including physical and digital aspects.

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