IP Protection in the Philippines for the Food and Beverage Industry


The Philippines’ rapidly growing food & beverage industry is one of the biggest contributors to nation’s economy making up about half of its manufacturing sector and contributing about 23-24% of the country’s GDP. The Philippines is one of Asia’s largest producers of food, with the value of food processing sector exceeding 24 billion EUR.2 Given the Philippines’ government’s commitment to further developing the food and beverage industry as one of the priority industries and opening it further up to foreign investments, the Philippines’ F&B industry has become more attractive for European SMEs.

Increasing brand consciousness, concerns about food safety and the relatively high number of counterfeiting in the country mean that brand reputation is especially important for the food and beverage industry. A trustworthy brand can be critical to the success of F&B products as company’s trademark functions as a badge of quality in the Philippines.

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