Economy Profile of Malaysia


Doing Business 2019 Indicators

(in order of appearance in the document)

Starting a business:

Procedures, time, cost and paid-in minimum capital to start a limited liability company.

Dealing with construction permits:

Procedures, time and cost to complete all formalities to build a warehouse and the quality control and safety mechanisms in the construction permitting system.

Getting electricity:

Procedures, time and cost to get connected to the electrical grid, and the reliability of the electricity supply and the transparency of tariffs.

Registering property:

Procedures, time and cost to transfer property and the quality of the land administration system.

Getting credit:

Movable collateral laws and credit information systems.

Protecting minority investors:

Minority shareholders’ rights in related-party transactions and in corporate governance.

Paying taxes:

Payments, time, total tax and contribution rate for a firm to comply with all tax regulations as well as post-filing processes.

Trading across borders:

Time and cost to export the product of comparative advantage and import auto parts.

Enforcing contracts:

Time and cost to resolve a commercial dispute and the quality of judicial processes.

Resolving insolvency:

Time, cost, outcome and recovery rate for commercial insolvency and the strength of the legal framework for insolvency.

Labour market regulation:

Flexibility in employment regulation and aspects of job quality.


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Economy Profile of Malaysia

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