ASEAN Key Figures 2019


ASEAN Key Figures 2019 is the second edition of the newest publication by the Statistics Division of the ASEAN Secretariat (ASEANstats). It has its genesis in the two previous ASEANstats’ publications: ASEAN Economic Community Chartbook and ASEAN Community in Figures, which were discontinued in 2017.

In this publication, a set of indicators has been chosen to portray ASEAN economic and social progress across multiple dimensions. The charts and narrative are presented in a way that is easily read and understood. This publication is a part of the ongoing efforts by ASEANstats to promote the visibility of ASEAN official statistics and ASEAN regional statistical cooperation while contributing to the monitoring of economic and social progress in ASEAN.

The eight topics covered in ASEAN Key Figures 2019 are (1) population, (2) education, (3) health, (4) poverty, inequality and human development, (5) labour, (6) economy, (7) international trade in goods and services and foreign direct investment, and (8)transport, tourism and communication. The data presented in this publication is a subset of a more comprehensive ASEAN statistics which can be found in ASEANstats website (www. Online version of this publication, along with other ASEANstats publications, namely ASEAN Statistical Yearbook and ASEAN Statistical Leaflet, are also available in the website.


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