British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce


British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce (BMCC) is a bilateral trade organisation with 370 leading business members representing 190,000 employees in Malaysia with the remit of facilitating further trade between Malaysia and Britain.

As Kuala Lumpur’s number one bilateral business networking chamber, the BMCC has been a catalyst in providing businesses in Malaysia with support, networking and knowledge exchange. We also handle a diverse range of requests from the Britain and Malaysia businesses community in aid of helping to further trade relations.

The Chamber will now play a bigger role in trade relations between the two nations assisting SMEs in venturing into the Malaysian market.

  • Established in 1963, the BMCC now caters to 250 Top Member Companies with outreach to 80,000 employees
  • Consecutively held an average of 30 events per year for the last 3 years catering to members and non-members
  • In 2013, selected as service delivery partner to the UK Trade & Investment’s the Overseas Business Network Initiative (OBNI)
  • Sponsored by HSBC, British Airways, Petrofac, TMF, and Amcorp in 2017
  • Introduced Sterling Membership Category in August 2015 and obtained 22 Sterling Members within 7 Months, with an overall goal of 30 by August 2016

Representing a key nation and the 2015 Chair of ASEAN, the BMCC represents Malaysia and its business relations with the UK across the region via facilitating Trade Delegations, whether from the UK or from Malaysia to our fellow ASEAN nations. BMCC is also a proud member of Britain in Southeast Asia or BISEA which is a grouping of British Chambers and Business Groups in the South East Asian region, working towards regional goals and ensuring cooperation within all British Chambers of Commerce in the region.