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Webinar Recording: Discover UK Innovation and Technology in Livestock


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Thu, 29 Apr. 2021

The poultry sector occupies more than half of Thailand’s total meat and feed production, ranking number four in Asia’s poultry meat production totalling over 3 million metric tons in 2020.

Thailand is driving Thai animal products towards Stability, Prosperity and Sustainability. “Agriculture 4.0” was announced in 2017 mainly to drive traditional agriculture into smart agriculture. Therefore, adaptation to the GPP standards, together with the appropriate technology and innovation are now necessary to increase production capabilities as the market demands to leverage more and more on small and medium-size entities of the animal production sector. With regards to the large animal production entity, research and development of new innovative solutions are needed in order to compete at an international level. Green and circular production is also a must in Thailand’s agriculture of the 21st century.

Thailand has been identified as a focal market for the livestock sector and now more than 30 UK companies are expected to be present at UK Pavilion – VIV Asia 12-14 January 2022.

Register by using the link below to receive the webinar recording of ‘VIV Virtual Summit’ which took place on 21 April – UK specialists provided their insights on key topics:

  • Genetic Futures – Productivity,
  • Animal Health
  • Clean Growth.

*Please note that due to the rules of the organiser, only selected contacts will receive the link. 

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