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Delivering Great Webinars and Holding Effective Online Meetings


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Wed, 15 Jul. 2020

Transform your virtual communication

A well-delivered webinar or online meeting can change everything, but getting them right is a challenge, and new challenges require new skills.

Already, however, ‘digital fatigue’ has set in – too many meetings, meetings that overrun, meetings that lack clarity and structure, people talking over each other, participants turning off their videos, all the distractions of the online world, webinars that just don’t engage.

Speak The Speech coaching explores how to:

  • Come across at your best when presenting ‘virtually’
  • Engage with your colleagues and stakeholders and make sure they are listening to you and not checking their twitter feed
  • Plan and structure your on-line communication to ensure clarity.

Speak The Speech has been empowering people to speak at their best for 15 years.  For the past three months, they have continued doing this in the virtual world.  Despite the gradual easing of restrictions, webinars and virtual meetings are unquestionably here to stay.

What tools are essential for a good delivery?

They are incredibly powerful tools and there is no limit to their reach and impact – and they can also be quite daunting! We sit in front of our laptops wondering where and how to start.  How do you get that engagement and buy-in and then keep it for the duration of the webinar/meeting? There are three key areas that need to be mastered to ensure you can deliver them consistently well:

  • Good preparation
  • Great content
  • Confident delivery.

In response to some of their excellent client feedback about recent webinars and online coaching, Speak The Speech have designed courses that cover these three areas so that you can develop online communications that excite you as well as your audiences!

They are interactive, they are enjoyable, and you’ll find that you can instantly apply every single tip and technique shared. Some of them are transformative, some of them are seemingly small tweaks, but they all lead to huge improvements.

“Mike Kelly at Speak the Speech is a genius coach and trainer. It is difficult enough public speaking and pitching to prospects effectively, even harder online in these days of COVID-19.

Commit to a Speak the Speech training with Mike Kelly and all that will change.

It will refocus your thinking and transform your professional and personal output.

Trim the fat, deliver your key messages and impart your emotion and passion in the process.

If you fully commit, Mike will challenge you and transform your virtual meeting pitching talents with his compassion, emotion and skill. Mike is 100% non-judgemental and 100% there for you. The changes in your output, as a result, will positively impact many lives for years to come.

People buy from people. Mike helps you unlock and show who you are not just what to say and how to say it. Even better, when you do this online, the world will be your oyster. Thanks Mike!”

Tim Patterson, CEO, Fuel Economy Solution Limited

If you’d like to know more, contact mike@speakthespeech.co.uk

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