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Scotch Whisky secures geographical indication protection in Cambodia


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Tue, 28 Jan. 2020

Scotch Whisky’s Geographical Indication (GI) has been officially registered in Cambodia, making it the second foreign product to attain GI status in the Kingdom (just after Champagne from France, which was protected as a GI in Cambodia in May 2019).

With the recent addition of Cambodia, Scotch Whisky has now received GI protection in over 100 countries around the world. This recognition is an important milestone and provides legal protection for Scotch Whisky products in Cambodia.

Scotch Whisky is made in Scotland, produced according to traditional methods, and deserving of special protection. GI registration safeguards companies doing business with Scotch Whisky products and enables them to take action against counterfeit products and the infringers behind them. It also protects consumers’ rights and ensures that they can enjoy the high quality of authentic Scotch Whisky.

Cambodian and Southeast Asian markets have witnessed strong growth. The region has become one of the most competitive destinations for foreign investment in recent years. The rising middle class is more and more interested in quality products, and the reputation bestowed by a European GI holds great value.

The increasing numbers of registrations for GI recognition is a good sign: it shows that local authorities have understood the advantages of granting IP protection to foreign products, improving the business environment and attracting future investment. We can expect the future to bring official recognition for more and more EU GIs in Cambodia.

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