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Report: UK Genomics Symposium with ASEAN Partners 2022


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Thu, 10 Mar. 2022

About the Symposium

The UK Government held a UK Genomics Symposium with ASEAN Partners 2022, virtually on the 2nd of March from 08:00 – 09:30 AM GMT.

This was organised by UK-ASEAN Business Council and in partnership with the ASEAN Business Advisory Council and the Ministry of Health Malaysia and MyDigital.

The desired impact of the forum was to generate discussion and deliver insights on the UK’s genomics offer, landscape, and current work examples in the region, all in one showcase.

Additionally, this was a two-way exchange with the ASEAN region with examples of SE Asian organisations presenting their local insights in the genomics space.

To hear the presentations, Q&A session and detailed responses of the symposium on-demand, do check out the YouTube link below to enjoy the whole session recording click here.

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