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Podcast: Food for Thought – Episode 6 – Vietnam Market Dynamics


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Thu, 1 Jun. 2023

Pressure on cool chain logistics and the power of digital marketing

Welcome back to Incite’s Food for Thought podcast with host, Cameron Gordon.

In episode six of their Southeast and North Asian distributor interview series – Cong Ong joins them. He is the Founder and General Manager of Good Food in Vietnam.

Incite explores the growth and development of ASEAN markets, including Vietnam’s position within the region, and the vital role of foreign investment in supporting food and beverage facilities in Vietnam. They also discuss the scarcity of nationwide cool chain services which poses challenges for the distribution of chilled and frozen products, but also opportunities for those that invest in the sector, including Good Food.

They then delve into the significance of leveraging digital marketing and social media platforms to boost sales and brand awareness in a market like Vietnam, where the population is nearing 100 million, with an average consumer age of 32.

We hope you enjoy this insightful conversation.

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