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Pearson Test of English to Set the Standard in Vietnam


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Mon, 3 Jul. 2017

Pearson has joined forces with the British Government in Vietnam to help achieve the nation’s goal to massively boost English proficiency across the country.

A first step was this week’s contract signing between Pearson and Vietnam’s EMG Education to introduce the Pearson Test of English to Vietnam. The event, which took place on the 28th June 2017 in Ho Chi Minh City, was witnessed by government and diplomatic leaders, including British Consul General Ian Gibbons, in Ho Chi Minh City this week.

Mr Gibbons MBE, British Consul General to Vietnam, said: “As we celebrate the seventh year of strategic partnership between the UK and Vietnam, the UK sees our joint cooperation in education and training as one the major successes of our bilateral relationship.

“I am pleased to see the continued excellent progress and use of UK qualifications in Vietnam. Better qualifications support people’s personal development, leading to better employment opportunities for individuals.”

At the signing ceremony, Rod Bristow, President of Pearson Education UK and Core Markets, said: “With expertise in educational courseware, qualifications, assessment, and a range of innovative teaching and learning services, we hope that by working closely together we can contribute meaningfully to the rapid improvement of English skills in Vietnam.

“Through our partner EMG Education, we hope to improve access to quality English tests that assess not only learners’ English proficiency but also its application, with the aim that people are enabled to study, communicate and work in English, thereby meeting the demand for a highly skilled and language proficient workforce in Ho Chi Minh City and, more widely, in Vietnam.”

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