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Participate in the EU-ASEAN Business Sentiment Survey


We’d like to hear from you.

Wed, 9 May 2018

    EU-ASEAN Business Council

The EU-ASEAN Business Sentiment Survey 2018 will be the fourth edition of the EU-ABC’s annual flagship publication. They would like to invite YOU to share your opinions, challenges and perception of doing business in the ASEAN region.

The EU-ASEAN Business Sentiment Survey 2018 aims to serve as a barometer for business sentiment and the outlook for the Southeast Asia region on key issues such as customs and trade regulations, regional and global developments, and other challenges to European Businesses in ASEAN. The publication is presented to Ministers and government officials at high-level dialogues, and repeatedly quoted in the media throughout the year. View the 2017 results here.

They strongly encourage European business leaders to take a few minutes to respond and get their voices heard by the regional community and beyond – this is YOUR chance to advocate for a better business environment! You can enter the survey here.

Contact research@eu-asean.eu or visit www.eu-asean.eu for more information.

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