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New Partnership to Support Learners and Advance Thailand 4.0


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Wed, 14 Mar. 2018

Thai Government and Pearson sign MoU

The Kingdom of Thailand’s Minister for Education, Teerakiat Jareonsettasin today witnessed the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to develop world-first, world-class vocational study for local learners to clear their pathway to employability and drive economic growth.

The MoU, a partnership between the Ministry of Education and Pearson, was signed at the Wilton Park Summit in Bangkok. The event brings together leaders in education, government and business across the region and the United Kingdom to discuss potential partnerships such as these.

Pearson and the Ministry of Education will pilot BTEC short courses that reflect the priority sectors as outlined in the Eastern Economic Corridor plan – an ambitious policy which aims to develop the three eastern provinces of Thailand into an ASEAN economic zone.

Dr Jareonsettasin said: “There is no better time to put Thailand at the heart of your education investment. The Thai government is doing its utmost to provide the best opportunities, privileges, incentives and, above all, the commitment to make our collaboration the best we can.

“We are open for business and welcome world-class, high potential education providers from around the world to help us improve STEM education quality, upgrade our industries and realise the Thailand 4.0 goal.”

Managing Director Pearson Asia Pacific, David Barnett said: “Pearson is delighted to be a part of ushering Thailand into a new economic era through advances in education, by providing much needed technical skills for the workforce.

“The Kingdom of Thailand is particularly supportive of learners and employers to make sure they work together to ensure national and individual prosperity.

“It is government-led initiatives like this that bring together business and learners to promote TVET as a pathway to a better life.

“Pearson is very involved in working closely with governments, multilateral organisations business partners to promote  TVET as a pathway to a better life.

“Through qualifications such as Edexcel, BTEC and LCCI, we offer learners a clear pathway to higher education, skills for the future and worker mobility.”

Geoff Gladding, Head of the Department for International Trade’s Education Team, said: “We are delighted that Pearson and the Thai Ministry of Education are signing this Memorandum today.

“The Education and skills necessary to prepare students to make their contribution to Thailand’s 4.0 vision are a key priority for the Ministry of Education and we hope that this arrangement with Pearson will help to develop new ideas and future partnerships.

“The British skills system, with its inherent flexibility and clear roles for industry, government and students has much to contribute to Thailand’s future economic prosperity and growth. “

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