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MBA investment champion shares his winning approach


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Fri, 20 Sep. 2019
    Oxford Business Group

To find out more about the OBG investment challenge, please email obginvestmentchallenge@oxfordbusinessgroup.com

The winner of Oxford Business Group’s first-ever investment challenge has expanded on the method behind his first-placed entry in a podcast interview.

Jofer Princesa, an MBA Regis scholar at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business in Manila, emerged as the champion of the inaugural OBG Investment Challenge. The competition was open to all post-graduate students at the prestigious school, known as a breeding ground for some of the Philippines’ most successful corporate leaders.

Speaking with OBG’s Regional Editor for Asia, Patrick Cooke, Princesa explains how he approached the task of identifying the OBG country and sector that offered the most promising opportunity for FDI over the next 10 years. Like the other participants, Princesa was given unlimited access to OBG’s online research terminal for the duration of the competition, allowing him to make an informed decision on where to invest and why. Ultimately, he put forward a proposal for FDI into toll roads in Indonesia, and he expands more in the podcast on why Indonesia’s favourable demographics, positive macroeconomic indicators and considerable infrastructure gaps led him in this direction.

The OBG Investment Challenge was designed to encourage the Philippines’ next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders to think globally and seek out lucrative opportunities for investment beyond their own country. In particular, it aimed to help them identify challenges and opportunities that are common across what OBG terms “the yellow slice of the global pie” – its portfolio of small- and mid-size economies growing collectively as fast as the original BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) states.

Following the success of this pilot challenge, OBG plans to partner with more leading business schools and universities across its coverage countries, encouraging the next generation to practice their capital allocation skills in taking that bigger bite of the yellow slice of the pie.

To listen to the podcast from Oxford Business Group, please click the link below.

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