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Marketing to Millennials in ASEAN


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Tue, 7 Mar. 2017

    Bangkok Post

As the generation that grew up with the internet, social media and smartphones, millennials are changing the way marketers reach modern consumers.

That’s especially so in the six largest ASEAN economies – Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines – where the proportion of the population aged between 20 and 39 years old was 32% in 2015 (or around 180 million), compared with 26% in 1975, according to the Hakuhodo Institute of Life and Living ASEAN (HILL-ASEAN).

The large and growing size of the millennial population in ASEAN has compelled marketers to learn more about what makes these consumers tick and what motivates them to spend. Social, historical, cultural and environmental factors, most notably historical context and technology, seem to be the keys, according to HILL-ASEAN.

Established in Thailand in 2014 by Japan’s second largest advertising agency, Hakuhodo Inc, HILL-ASEAN recently undertook a major survey of 8,100 respondents and discovered a clear difference in attitudes as well as consuming behaviour between the two groups – those born during the 1980s and the 1990s. The relationship with technology stands out.

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