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Mandalay Taps British Expertise for Higher Education


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Wed, 8 Nov. 2017

    Myanmar Times

Mandalay, Myanmar’s second largest city, is expected to become the country’s northern economic hub over the next two years. Yet, skills and talent in the city still lag behind Yangon and many cities in ASEAN. The brain drain and skills shortage are slowing its economic growth.

But Ko Ye Tun Min, founder of the Mandalay International University (MIU), a private institution, sees plenty of opportunities for the city’s education sector to grow. In fact, he is already investing in that potential.

The MIU has entered into a partnership with Europa, a UK-based language school, to develop human capital in Mandalay, offering teacher development programmes, legal studies and pre-medicine courses.

The MIU partnership with Europa will enable students to undertake educational programmes at the Europa campus in Bournemouth. Options include English courses, teacher development courses, legal studies, pre-medicine foundation courses and English for business. The programmes usually last for a month.

Ko Ye Tun Min said that now is the right time to introduce Europa to the market as Myanmar is opening up and students in the country are keen to acquire exposure to overseas education programmes and broaden their skills and employability.

“We are taking 10 school owners here to the UK in December. It’s important to train the teachers because they have a lot of influence, not just on students but also on parents,” he told The Myanmar Times.

“We want to provide a platform through Europa where students can share the experience of British culture prior to pursuing their degrees abroad and mitigate any potential cultural shock. Additionally, we hope with the partnership with Europa we are able to learn and receive support in developing our own curriculum.”

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