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IP Business Sentiment Survey on Southeast Asia


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Tue, 25 May 2021

The UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) provides expert support and advice to UK businesses on managing their Intellectual Property (IP) when operating in the international market.

Southeast Asia is one of the priority regions for the IPO, reflecting the UK’s interest in increasing trade to the region and towards the wider Asia Pacific. To enable UK businesses access to this high growth region and continue to open markets, the IPO recently partnered with British Chambers of Commerce in Singapore to reach out to UK businesses operating across ASEAN via an online survey.

The IPO wanted to better understand what part intellectual property plays in a business’s export experience.

Survey Outcome

The survey found that overall in the region, registration, sharing and collaboration of IP from businesses appears to be low, more than half of the participants reported not taking any steps to register their IP in ASEAN.

Participants reported the biggest market access barrier as navigating enforcement remedies in the region, with over half the respondents identifying a lack of enforcement as a market access barrier.

In Singapore and Malaysia, confidence to trade, enforce IP and invest is more stable (57% and 33% respectively), reflected also in the higher numbers of IP registrations and enforcement actions taken in these two countries.

Businesses also reported strong interest in future business growth and expansion in Thailand and Indonesia.

The IPO’s digital resources and dedicated network of IP attachés can provide IP support and expertise to UK businesses training internationally.

To find out more about the IPO please email Alicia.Evans@ipo.gov.uk

To view the survey click on the download button below.

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