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How governments can help realise the future of work


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Mon, 14 Oct. 2019

Economic growth, social cohesion and equality of opportunity rely on a country’s workforce being skilled and ready to embrace the needs of future-ready organizations.

In Southeast Asia, technological disruption is expected to significantly affect the workforce, driving growth and creating new demand for workers. A recent study by Cisco and Oxford Economics showed that 6.6 million jobs will become redundant by 2028 across the six largest economies in the region. By 2028, these countries will require 28 million fewer workers to produce the same level of output as today.

Trends like rising affluent middle-income earners, increased consumption, and investment in infrastructure and energy will create a strong demand for new jobs and offset the displacement of work. However, the survey also found that 41% of workers in Southeast Asia today are lacking the skills that future new jobs will demand.

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