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Discover Infrastructure Developments in Indonesia


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Thu, 11 Aug. 2016



    UK-ASEAN Business Council


The UK-ASEAN Business Council recently joined a roundtable discussion with the Indonesian Committee for Acceleration of Priority Infrastructure Delivery (KPPIP). The committee is similar to the UK’s Infrastructure and Projects Authority and was established to speed up infrastructure processes in Indonesia, acting as the main point of contact for key stakeholders to ensure efficiency in projects of national importance.

During the discussion on infrastructure development, KPPIP explained their role and signposted key opportunities in Indonesia, reiterating President Jokowi’s commitment to cutting red tape and facilitating foreign investment into Indonesia. Examples of this include the recent implementation of the Project Development Facility which aims to boost private sector participation in infrastructure preparation. Meanwhile the Indonesian Ministry of Finance has also issued regulation on foreign payment to improve attractiveness to investors. KPPIP have assisted in these policies by standardising good practices and creating an integrated IT system for monitoring projects.

This roundtable was a precursor to a mission coming to the UK in September. Government officials from Indonesia will be joining KPPIP to engage with British companies and advise on Indonesian infrastructure planning and projects. Through a series of different events, this top level delegation will be on hand to discuss current projects and advising on how UK businesses can get involved.

Following this, Indonesia’s Infrastructure Week in November 2016 will unite this cast for one huge international event in Jakarta. Providing end-to-end solutions for Indonesia’s critical national infrastructure, the conference attracts thousands of delegates every year and will give British businesses with the perfect opportunity to follow-up on September’s visit to the UK.

For more on this visit in September and Indonesia Infrastructure Week 2016, sign up to the UKABC platform today so as not to miss out. All the information you need on ASEAN, in one place.

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