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British Chamber of Commerce Myanmar launches business services for British companies


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Fri, 13 May 2016



    British Chamber of Commerce Myanmar

    British Chamber of Commerce Myanmar

The British Chamber in Myanmar is now offering British companies a range of business services to assist with market entry in to the fastest growing economy in South East Asia.

The launch of these services coincide with a pivotal time for the country as Myanmar has had its first democratic elections and a newly elected government in place, who have a continued interest in encouraging further responsible foreign investment. The appetite for British business in Myanmar is growing and there are opportunities available for British businesses, interested to explore a market regarded as the last ‘frontier’ market in South East Asia.

Key business services on offer to British companies include:

  • Partner identification and business matching
  • Market visits
  • Bespoke events to showcase products or services

The British Chamber was established in July 2014 and has grown to a network of over 190 member companies, including Myanmar, British, ASEAN and European businesses. The Chamber provides regular networking opportunities for the business community, up to date and relevant information on doing business in Myanmar and advice for market entrants navigating the challenges of establishing a business here. As a reputable and growing organisation, the Chamber is in a unique position to offer additional and practical business services acting as the ‘first port of call’ for British business looking to invest and thrive in Myanmar.

The Chamber has recently been awarded full accreditation status by the British Chambers of Commerce UK, representing a significant milestone in the development of the Chamber. UK companies can be confident they will receive a high quality service from the Chamber to access the opportunities in this market.

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