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BMCC Hosts First Webinar on F&B Sector


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Mon, 26 Feb. 2018
    British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce

A webinar organised by the British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce (BMCC) Trade Team last Tuesday was a new initiative to enable accessibility for British companies (both existing UK clients and new ones) to learn more about Malaysia, its business opportunities and how the BMCC can assist them in entering the market.

Held at the British High Commission Kuala Lumpur and in collaboration with the UK-ASEAN Business Council (UKABC), this webinar was well received with over 40 registered participants and 22 attendees predominantly from the UK logging in to hear from industry experts Ahmad Khairuddin (Malaysian Investment Development Authority, MIDA) and Mohamed Romzi Sulaiman (Halal Industry Development Corporation, HDC) present on a range of matters, from our local manufacturing sector, government incentives for UK companies to Malaysia’s Halal Industry. An engaging Q&A session followed with a number of participants raising various questions of interest and concerns.

This is a big step for the BMCC, utilising the avenues of technology to share knowledge across the world regarding a niche subject matter. Building itself towards becoming a Global Halal Hub whilst supporting an open market for food products, for which Britain has a strong influence in, the Malaysian F&B sector is unique and could oftentimes pose a challenge for foreign companies to understand. Future BMCC Webinars will replicate the success of this first endeavour and maintain the involvement of industry experts in Malaysia as guest speakers with topics focusing on other sectors specialised by the BMCC Trade Team which includes retail, healthcare, construction, professional services and oil and gas.

For more information on upcoming webinars, please check our event listings here.

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