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ASEAN IP newsletter from the Intellectual Property Office


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Thu, 10 Jun. 2021

The Intellectual Property Office’s (IPO) ASEAN IP Newsletter is a periodic newsletter on intellectual property (IP) matters in Southeast Asia by the IPO UK attaché network in Singapore. Its broad ambition is to inform and engage UK stakeholders on local IP developments across the ASEAN region.

The IPO Southeast Asia attaché network in Singapore is part of the IPO’s wider global attaché network. The team focus on providing IP support to British businesses operating in ASEAN as well as engaging governments and international partners on IP. You can find more about the IP attaché network here (https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/uk-overseas-intellectual-property-attache-network).

Headlines in this edition include details on the UK’s consultation on the future exhaustion of intellectual property rights regime, Singapore’s Public Consultation on the Proposed Copyright Bill, Thailand: MOU on Protection of IP Rights on the Internet and details on the Roadmap for transforming the ASEAN IP environment.

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