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ASEAN for Business Bimonthly Bulletin


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Thu, 3 Oct. 2019

In Focus: Comprehending ASEAN’s Work on Standards and Conformance

Standards and conformance systems play an important role in the community. Conformance to standards helps to minimise health, safety and environmental risks; allows consumers to make informed decisions about purchasing products and services in accordance with their preferences and values; ensures compatibility; and facilitates international trade. Businesses use standards and conformance to provide assurance on product quality and compatibility, while governments use standards in regulation to protect the health and safety of consumers and protect the environment.

As ASEAN continues its journey towards realising its vision of an ASEAN Community, standards and conformance remain a key component in the production of tangible outcomes to characterise the region as a deeply integrated and highly cohesive economy capable of sustaining high economic growth. ASEAN through the ASEAN Consultative Committee on Standards and Quality (ACCSQ) has endeavoured to harmonise national standards with international standards and implement mutual recognition arrangements on conformity assessment to achieve its end-goal of “One Standard, One Test, Accepted Everywhere”.

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About the Bulletin

ASEAN for Business is a bulletin published by the Enterprise and Stakeholder Engagement Division of the ASEAN Secretariat. This bi-monthly bulletin provides quick updates on specific topics related to the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) for businesses operating in the region.

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