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ACCA AccXelerator Programme for Small & Medium Practices


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Tue, 27 Aug. 2019

The AccXelerator programme enables SMPs to capture new opportunities in new markets by adopting scalable technology and leveraging ACCA’s global research, network and members to grow rapidly and innovatively.

ACCA’s AccXelerator is an ambitious programme to help SMPs transform and seek growth from new opportunities overseas. It requires a total mindset change in the SMP leadership in order to overcome existing obstacles to growth, and develop innovative capabilities to exploit the increasing demand for professional services in the region.

The AccXelerator programme leverages ACCA’s research and professional insights, a global network of offices and members, available government programmes and support from like-minded peers, to help SMPs find their most efficient and direct path towards reinventing their mission and purpose, and jump-start their journey to capture overseas opportunities.

Download the latest AccXelerator Programme Brochure here!

Join the AccXelerator programme to build and implement your new SMP business plan under the close guidance of our advisors and like-minded peers. Take the first step now!

* ACCA’s global report “Growing Globally: How SMPs can unlock international ambitions, 2018.

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