Supreme Group


Supreme Group

Supreme Group is a Myanmar pioneer technical leading company focusing on sectors, including: IPP/BOT – Power Generation, EPC – Power Transmission & Distribution/Construction/Water &Environmental Engineering, and Agriculture Fertilizer Production/Supply Chain & Development. Supreme Group now currently employs over a thousand employees and has four offices, with its headquarters in Yangon.

Supreme has undertaken several prominent Power Generation projects including a102 MW power plant in the Mandalay region with APR (USA). Additional projects under feasibility studies include a 250 MW hydropower project, 600 MW CCGT Project, and Renewable Power Generation projects while working together with European, Korean, and Chinese MNCs and State Owned Enterprises. Supreme also serves as the EPC for Power Transmission projects with ODA (Japan), EDCF (Korea), Exim (China) and Japanese, Korean, and Chinese MNCs and State Owned Enterprises.



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