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Thura  Ko  Ko  is  the  founding  partner  of  YGA  Capital,  a  Myanmar-­‐registered  advisory company focused on identifying and investing in attractive growth opportunities in Myanmar for TPG Capital, the global private equity fund and a TPG  associated  Indonesia-­‐focused  fund,  Northstar  Pacific.    He  is  formally  a  Senior Advisor to TPG.
Prior  to  returning  to  Myanmar  in  2010,  Mr  Ko  worked  for  over  12  years  in  global investment banking and private equity firms covering Asia out of Hong Kong.    He  was  most  recently  a  Vice  President  at  Providence  Equity,  the  global  telecom and media fund. Prior to this, he worked for Goldman Sachs, the global investment  bank,  and  N.M.  Rothschild,  the  U.K.-­‐based  privatisation  and  M&A  house. Transactions  completed  included  the  privatisation  of  Philippines  national  electricity grid, Transco, and advising on strategic investments into Vietnam’s water distribution and treatment plants.

In  Myanmar,  he  is  a  member  of  the  board  of  directors  for  Apollo  Towers  Myanmar Limited, a telecom tower operator with over 1,500 towers installed; Pacific  Star  Finance  Limited,  a  trial  micro-­‐finance  company;  and  Myanmar  Distillery Company Limited, a leading local beverage company.

In addition, Mr Ko is also an advisor to the Ayala Group and in particular, Manila Water  Company  on  their  ambitions  in  delivering  public  water  distribution  and  wastewater management services in Myanmar.

Mr  Ko  holds  a  B.Sc.  in  Economics  from  the  London  School  of  Economics,  University of London and was elected as a Young Global Leader for the World Economic Forum in 2013.



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