1-2-1 Meetings

Why would you tackle ASEAN on your own?

Book a 1-2-1 and have a chat with the awesome British Chambers of Commerce based on the ground, in ASEAN. There are few better-placed resources to be able to tell you honestly if there is a market for your product in Southeast Asia and then be able to help you.

The Workshops will run parallel to the 1-2-1s so you can dip in and out throughout the day.

  • British Chamber of Commerce Cambodia – Executive Director, Nurina Anuar
  • British Chamber of Commerce Indonesia – Executive Director, Chris Wren
  • British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce – Executive Director, Jennifer Lopez
  • British Chamber of Commerce Myanmar – Executive Director, Peter Crowhurst
  • British Chamber of Commerce Philippines – Executive Director, Chris Nelson
  • British Chamber of Commerce Singapore – Executive Director, David Kelly
  • British Chamber of Commerce Thailand – Executive Director Greg Watkins
  • British Business Group Vietnam – Executive Director, Peter Rimmer
  • Manufacturing Opportunities: Myanmar – Thilawa Special Economic Zone
  • Export Funding Support: ASEAN – Santander – ASEAN Desk Director, Vikkrama Kumaravale

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