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Webinar: Wells (Plugging and Abandoning), Installation Removal and Subsea Infrastructure Removal


About this webinar

Theme: Cost Competitiveness & Optimization in Driving Decommissioning & Abandonment in Low Oil Price Market

As decommissioning becomes an increasingly global activity within the oil and gas sector and is a zero profit activity, it is essential for the supply chain to bring robust fit for purpose solutions to simple but complex problems.

Technology such as Abrasive Water Jet Cutting alone is not a technology rather a method of cutting material using a water and garnet concentration. How the medium is delivered, controlled and monitored is a technology by itself with the operation being a skill. By applying both this technology and skill we are able to provide efficiencies and securities during Well P&A, Installation Removal and Subsea Infrastructure Removal.

Join us in the first session of technical webinar series on decommissioning, where experts from the James Fisher Offshore will share their knowledge on how they have developed an efficient approach over decades of operation.


  • Hanif Hashim
    Board Member and Chairman of the Energy Committee at Bmcc
  • Handan Ramli
    Senior General Manager (Production and Operations Management) at Petronas
  • Jinda Nelson
    Chairperson at Decom North Sea
  • Jack Davidson
    Managing Director of James Fisher Offshore
  • Sridaran Sabapathy
    Senior Energy Specialist – Southeast Asia at Scottish Development International

Who is this webinar suitable for?

This webinar is suitable for all British companies working within or in relation to the oil and gas sector, with a vested interest in exporting goods and services to Southeast Asia.

Further information

For more information on this webinar including the profiles of the speakers, the agenda, and organisers partners, please visit the website by clicking the link below.

British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce (BMCC)
Telephone: +60 3 2163 1784
Email: info@bmcc.org.my
Website: www.bmcc.org.my


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