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Webinar: UK’s Generalised Scheme of Preferences – Asian markets


The Department for International Trade and The Foreign Commonwealth Development office will host a webinar on the UK’s Generalised Scheme of Preferences (GSP).

Under this scheme, importers pay lower (often zero) tariffs on goods from seventy developing countries.

This webinar is for businesses in Asian countries that are interested in exporting to the UK.

Main topics:

  • UK’s GSP Overview
  • Evidence required to import goods under GSP
  • The Enhanced Framework: application and monitoring processes.
  • Improvements and future of the UK’s GSP
  • Q&A

Eligible ASEAN countries and relative time zone: 

  • Cambodia – 16:00
  • Indonesia – 16:00
  • Laos – 16:00
  • Myanmar – 16:00
  • Philippines – 17:00
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