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Webinar: UK’s Developing Countries Trading Scheme in Cambodia


About this event

The UK Government & the Government of the Kingdom of Cambodia are launching the Developing Countries Trading Scheme…

The Developing Countries Trading Scheme (DCTS) offers a generous set of trading preferences for developing countries to diversify exports and expand their economies. The DCTS will also help UK businesses access hundreds of products from around the globe at lower prices, reducing costs for UK consumers.

The scheme means that a wide variety of products – from clothes and shoes to foods that aren’t widely produced in the UK including olive oil and tomatoes – will benefit from lower or zero tariffs. Cambodian businesses and key stakeholders attending the launch event can find out how to leverage the new scheme and address existing market access barriers.

The audience for this event

This event suits British businesses either exporting goods and services to Cambodia or importing goods and services from Cambodia to the UK.

Further information

Register for this webinar on the link below. For further information, please contact kimberly.bugo@fcdo.gov.uk.


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