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Webinar: UKABC Roundtable with HMA to Laos – John Pearson


UKABC will host Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Laos, John Pearson to discuss the political and economic outlook. The Ambassador will be accompanied by Thipphaphone Channavong, the new Trade Officer at the British Embassy in Laos who will share the latest updates on the country.


John was appointed British Ambassador to Laos in August 2019. John has extensive experience working in Asia and Latin America. He has previous postings in Madrid (1992 to 1994), Brasilia (1996 to 1999), Montevideo (2005 to 2008), Singapore (2008 to 2012) and Mexico City (2012 to 2014). Before taking up his position in Vientiane he was Deputy Head of the China Department in the Foreign & Commonwealth Office from 2014 to 2019. He also has a background in sustainability and climate change.

Follow John on Twitter at @JohnPearson68


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