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Webinar: UK Innovations in Electricity Networks and Storage


DIT Manila is hosting this webinar to showcase how UK innovations can help meet Philippine businesses’ sustainability ambitions through partnerships.

This is part of the Philippine Green Business Leaders series which supports the upcoming COP26 event in Glasgow. DIT Manila is also encouraging businesses to sign-up for the Race to Zero (R2Z) global campaign.

What to expect from this webinar

  • Overview of UK’s whole of system approach to the energy transition
  • Impact of renewable energy sources into the grid and infrastructure, and new technologies including storage
  • Examples of key market or policy solutions/interventions, and emerging areas for skills development

Who this webinar is suitable for

British companies working in the energies sectors, and specifically those working within sustainable energy.

Further information

For those interested in COP26 and R2Z, contact DIT Manila at dit.manila@fcdo.gov.uk

To register your attendance for the webinar please click the link below.


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