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Webinar: Philippines Renewable Energy Business Opportunities


About this webinar

The Philippines has one of the most dynamic economies in Asia Pacific. It boasts:

  • GDP per capita from £511 (1990) to £2,149 (2019)
  • 6% GDP growth rate (2017 -2019)
  • Renewable energy contributes 29% of total power generation
  • Total renewable energy market value estimated at £7.8 billion (2020-2025)

This webinar is part of the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) and Department for International Trade (DIT) mission. The objective is to provide UK companies exposure in the local market and to engage with key market stakeholders and project owners directly.

Main themes:

  • Overview of Philippines renewable energy business opportunities
  • Government response: COVID-19 policies and priority on renewable energy projects
  • Private sector response: in-country experience and partnerships

Register for this webinar to get to know the Philippines renewable energy sector. Learn how to access and how to do business in this exciting market. To assist UK companies in identifying opportunities, the UK Government has published a report that covers the market landscape and project pipeline for the 6 largest countries in ASEAN.

Who this webinar is suitable for

This webinar is suitable for UK businesses in renewable energy willing to expand in the Philippines.

Further information

Register for this event on the link below.

Interested parties will be sent a link to download the full report once registered for this webinar.

For queries ahead of the event, please contact Jannica Gaisano at jannica.gaisano@fcdo.gov.uk


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