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Webinar: How UK Export Finance Support Indonesia Buyers of UK Goods/Services


UK Export Finance (UKEF) is the UK Government’s Export Credit Agency, helping buyers around the world to trade with UK suppliers by offering attractive financing options. Through the local presence in Jakarta, UKEF will be better placed to deliver competitive and innovative finance to Indonesian companies and public bodies doing business with the UK. Indonesia has become the first country in the world to have a UKEF Country Head to be based in-country. Richard Michael has been appointed to the newly-created post in Jakarta, leading UKEF’s efforts to grow the UK-Indonesia trading relationship.

About UK Export Finance

UKEF’s role is to support UK exporters and it does this by providing risk protection insurance, facilitating finance for exporters and supporting loans to overseas buyers. UKEF provides risk protection to exporters in the form of insurance against non-payments by overseas buyers, and against contract bonds being called by buyers, unfairly or for political reasons. It facilitates finance for exporters with guarantees to their banks, to help them provide working capital, loans and contract bonds. UKEF can guarantee loans to overseas buyers, which are repayable over two years and longer, to finance the purchase of capital/semi-capital goods and services from UK exporters. UKEF can also make loans directly to overseas buyers.

Typically, UKEF helps businesses when the private sector finance and insurance market is unable to provide full support. Exporters will often go to their bank or to specialist financial organisations to help them get finance, and to credit insurers for insurance against the risks of not being paid. When the risk is too high or when capacity is constrained for these private sources, UKEF may be able to help. Smaller companies may, for example, have trouble securing financial support in a situation where an important contract proves too small for private underwriters.

The role of UKEF is not, however, to replace the role of the commercial markets. UKEF complements and partners with the banking and credit insurance commercial providers, and bridges the gap between what insurers and banks can support and what businesses need to confidently trade with new and expanding overseas markets. Without UKEF support, many export deals simply would not go ahead.

Suitable Audience for Webinar

Companies that are looking to export across all sectors are welcome to join this webinar.


Chris Wren
British Chamber of Commerce Indonesia
Email address: obn.team@britcham.or.id

Richard Michael
UKEF – Indonesia
Email address: richard.michael@fco.gov.uk

Primary Contact

Shaveen Sharma
British Chamber of Commerce Indonesia
Email address: obn.team@britcham.or.id
Telephone number: +62 21 522 9453

Secondary Contact

British Chamber of Commerce Indonesia
Email address: chenny@britcham.or.id
Telephone number: +62 21 522 9453

Webinar Details

Date of webinar: 6 February 2019
Webinar start time: 08:30
Webinar end time: 09:30

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To register to attend this webinar, click the link below.

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