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Webinar: Data Protection in a COVID-19 World


Balancing individual rights, corporate responsibilities and the public need

As lockdowns are slowly lifted and people return to the workplace, data gathering will intensify as governments look to implement contact tracing systems to mitigate the effects of the virus and prevent a “second wave”. But now people are returning to work, much of this data gathering will be the responsibility of organisations. This comes with risks, not only to individual privacy but also to those organisations required to gather data. This panel discussion will explore some of the tensions that are emerging between an individual’s rights to their personal data and the need for that data in fighting a global pandemic.

Why should you attend this webinar?

This webinar will help you understand how your rights to your personal data and obligations that you or your organisation may have to others’ personal data may develop in the ongoing fight against COVID-19. You will also gain an understanding of the importance of technology in using personal data to combat the pandemic and the risks and opportunities this presents.

What you will learn?

  • Data protection laws and your obligations in respect of COVID-19.
  • The benefits and challenges of new technologies used to process data in the fight against COVID-19.
  • How data protection laws may need to develop in the near future.
  • The importance of properly collecting and protecting sensitive personal data in fighting COVID-19.
  • Whether the current data protection laws can properly function in the COVID-19 “new normal”, or do we need a rethink.
  • The increasing reliance on corporations to collect data on their employees, customers and suppliers (including health data and travel data) and the risks associated with that.
  • How AI is being employed to gather data and mitigate health risks, via contact tracing and modelling.
  • What are the risks with some of the technologies being deployed to fight COVID-19 (including AI and contact tracing apps) when it comes to the use and potential misuse of personal data?
  • How can those risks be managed?
  • How countries in Asia are approaching these challenges in contrast with Europe.

This event is online and the link to it will be issued to attendees the day before the event. Registration will close July 7, 2020, at

Webinar speakers

Samuel Sharpe
Advocate and Solicitor at Sharpe & Jagger LLC

Jacob Turner
Barrister at Fountain Court Chambers

Luke Grubb
Technology Partner at Clifford Chance Pte Ltd

Xiang Zheng Teo
Head of Advisory (Consulting) at Ensign Infosecurity

Who is this webinar suitable for?

This webinar is suitable for all British companies who hold personal data on clients, customers and general contacts as part of their general operations with a vested interest in exporting goods or services to Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Further information

For additional event information, please email sabeena@britcham.org.sg

You can also reach the British Chamber Of Commerce Singapore at +65 98576292


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