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Webinar: Consumer Behaviour & Philippines Food Trends


This webinar offers an insight into the food and beverage market in the Philippines. The country is in a demographic sweet spot, meaning a majority of the population is concentrated on an age range where productivity is at its highest. Find out what are the opportunities that this working population can bring to your business.

Different types of food establishments are being set-up across the country to provide Filipino consumers with their needs. Based on the final results of the 2015 Annual Survey of Philippine Business and Industry (ASPBI) released by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), a total of 27,028 establishments in the formal sector of the economy were engaged in accommodation and food service activities.

Restaurants led the sector with 6,652 establishments, which accounted for 24.6% of the total number of establishments. Fast food chains ranked second with 4,477 establishments (16.6%), followed by refreshment stands, kiosks and counters with 3,772 establishments (14%).

Other industries with more than a thousand number of establishments include cafeterias with 3,748 establishments, hotels and motels with 2,276 establishments, bars and cocktail lounges with 1,445 establishments, and other restaurants and mobile food service activities with 1,353 establishments.

The webinar is designed to assist food and beverage UK companies interested in exporting to the Philippines. The webinar will focus on the following:

  • A profile of the Filipino millennial consumer will be provided
  • Latest update on the 2019 Philippine’s food trends
  • Answering the following question: How can businesses adapt to shift consumer behaviour?

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