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Webinar: Brand Protection for E-Commerce in Southeast Asia


About this webinar

Ready to expand overseas but unsure of how to effectively protect your brand from being exploited in the digital realm? Brand abuse such as counterfeits and false associations are some of the malicious activities that erode your revenue and undermine your relationship with your customers.

Understand the common ways that brands are exploited by third parties in e-commerce marketplaces and pick up essential knowledge of brand protection tools available in such marketplaces. In the second segment of this webinar, Deputy Director-General, Atty. Teodoro C. Pascua of the IP Office of the Philippines will speak about the recent IP developments and issues relevant to the e-commerce sector in the Philippines.

Who this webinar is suitable for

This webinar is suitable for companies currently working in the e-commerce sector and/or those looking to expand operations to marketplaces in Southeast Asia.

Program details:

  • 30pm-5.10pm (Introduction, presentation by Taylor Vinters)
  • 10pm-5.25pm (Presentation by IPOPHL)
  • 25pm-5.30pm (Q&A)

Further information

The webinar will take place on 30 November 2021, 4.30pm-5.30pm (Singapore Time), 8.30am-9.30am (UK Time)

If you have any enquiries, please send an email to contact@taylorvintersvia.com

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