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Webinar: ASEAN Food & Drink Exporters Forum


About this event

The ASEAN Food & Drink Exporters Forum was created in 2020 to bring together Executives of established UK food and drink brands exporting to ASEAN markets with in-market importers and distributors to share strategies and insights about commercial trade in a roundtable format.

This is an opportunity to validate key aspects of current export businesses to ASEAN markets with other experienced exporters and in-market importers and distributors.

The forum will deliver

  • Monthly 60-minute virtual roundtable meetings
  • Each meeting will focus on export-related issues in individual ASEAN countries (example topics below)
  • Access to a closed discussion panel with other Members
  • Chaired by one of the industry’s leading experts, Cameron Gordon, Incite Founding Partner + Head of Client Growth, with over 10 years experience of launching food and drink brands into ASEAN markets

This initiative is developed by Incite and supported by the FDEA (Food and Drink Exporters Association) and the UKABC (UK-ASEAN Business Council).

Discussion point

Strategies for growing awareness of UK Food and Drink grocery brands in ASEAN grocery markets, which have traditionally been dominated by Australian and New Zealand brands due to their geographic proximity.

Why attend?

  • Get insights direct from in-market food and drink importers and distributors
  • Benchmark the strategies you are implementing across ASEAN markets against those of other established UK food and beverage exporters
  • Build networks with other established UK exporters to ASEAN markets

A commercially driven initiative

Each session will host 8-10 senior representatives from non-competing food and drink brands and in-market importers and distributors. Sessions will not be recorded to foster open discussion amongst Members.

Once the delegation has filled up, Member applications will be wait-listed.

Example topics covered

  • Market entry models: what is working, what is not working and strategies for getting the most out of your distributors.
  • Getting visibility on export markets: what are the challenges and the strategies being employed.
  • Promotion: what is and isn’t working, what is giving the best ROI and what storytelling is resonating best with distributors and end customers.
  • Costs: what strategies are being deployed for coverage of retail listing costs, compulsory marketing programs, general marketing and promotion costs.

Who this event is suitable for

  • Established UK food and drink exporters with over GBP £200,000 in current annual sales to ASEAN markets
  • Senior Management, Executives or Brand Owners from a company attending the event

Further information

Register for this event on the link below.

Cameron Gordon
Partner + Head of Client Growth
Incite | F&B Export Development

Please note that there is a cap the number of participants at ten food and beverage brands (one representative per company) to encourage lively discussion. The meetings fill up quickly.

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