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Webinar: Employer Workshop on Data Analytics – HIRED Legacy Project


How can companies address their skill needs and offer resilient employment in the digital era? Creating new alliances through business engagements for training that harnesses the potential of digital technology.

This facilitated workshop will focus on the professional standards, competence requirements and skills opportunities that need to be developed based on the employer’s demand. It will also seek to gain insight from employers regarding demands for data roles and commitment from employers to support apprenticeship programmes and job opportunities for students.

This workshop is part of a series of pilot internship programmes under the ASEAN BAC Brunei HIRED legacy project in partnership with the UK’s Department for International Trade (DIT) and the UK-ASEAN Business Council (UKABC).

Webinar details
Date: Thursday, 21st October 2021
Time: 14:00 – 17:00 Brunei / 07:00 – 10:00 UK
Host: Jonathan Ledger, Technical and Vocational Education and Training Specialist, DIT

Who will be attending?
• Companies operating in Brunei, ASEAN and UK (operating in the ASEAN region)
• ASEAN Business Advisory Council
• UK-ASEAN Business Council
• As observers, relevant key stakeholders and Ministries from ASEAN and Brunei

The workshop is by invitation only, to express your participation please email: Hired.Bnlegacy@gmail.com and CC: allen.lai@ukabc.org.uk

Background to HIRED
Harnessing Impact with Resilient Employability Digitally (HIRED) is the ASEAN BAC 2021 Brunei’s Legacy Project. The UK-ASEAN BAC Brunei Partnership supports HIRED as it is paving the way to a pilot internship programme in the field of data analytics.

HIRED aims to address how can companies share their skill needs and how they can offer resilient employment in the digital era. Through business engagement, it will create new alliances for training that harnesses the potential of digital technology.

HIRED is aimed at providing ASEAN students and workers with quality internship opportunities, accessed remotely. HIRED will also promote the global move towards increased digital/remote work, as well as the promotion of international collaboration and doing business across borders.

This pilot project will specifically focus on data analyst roles.

It aims to:
• Address skill gaps in ASEAN identifying best practices, and defined strategies
• Bridge skills within ASEAN through business-driven capacity building programmes
• Staying relevant – building an ecosystem with institutionalised structures and partnerships
• Enable ASEAN – Balance supply and demand of the workforce by matching employer demanded skills against the technical and vocational education and training in the supply chain.

Employer Workshop with employers and stakeholders in Brunei
The UK’s DIT, in partnership with ASEAN BAC and UKABC, will host a workshop and roundtable discussion involving employers with employers to understand their data analytical needs.

The aims of the workshop and roundtable discussion are to:
• Understand the labour market by examining data analyst role-related vacancies
• Identify and understand the skills gaps and where any skills deficits are
• Review relevant existing professional apprenticeship standards and qualifications that support the achievement of the competence
• Engage with employers on the design of a pilot programme combining work experience with the achievement of an appropriate apprenticeship programme/qualifications associated with data analyst job roles.
• Examine and build the network of employers and training institutions who would like to be engaged in the HIRED pilot
• Agree on the framework for employer and stakeholder participation
• Discuss employer appetite to offer work placements to students who are part of the pilot programme
• Set out a clear action plan for the development of professional standards and implementation of the pilot programme.

For reference
For example, and to act as a template for the discussions, in England, there is a range of high level and degree apprenticeship standards for consideration. Participants are kindly requested to take five minutes to review these standards in advance of their participation in the workshop.
• Data Technician (Level 3): click here
• Data Analyst (Level 4): click here

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