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Vietnam Water Sector: Opportunities for UK Businesses


Vietnam’s GDP growth is leading the development chart in Southeast Asia.

This growth has put a strain on the country’s deteriorating infrastructure system, in particular the water supply and waste water treatment systems. More than ever, the country needs a thorough renovation if it wants to sustain growth, not to mention staying competitive in the context of TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) FTA adoption. To address this issue, the Vietnam Government has made yearly investments of $150 million, equivalent to 0.45% of GDP/year (World Bank 2013) to aid the water distribution system expansion, preventing water leakage and improving waste water treatment quality.

The market is indeed promising. Yet capitalising on the opportunities could be as hard as navigating in dark waters if you were inadequately informed. Furthermore, due to a shrinking state budget and lack of ODA funding, Vietnam must prioritise investments and uses of new technologies to process and optimize water resources. In this webinar, we aim to paint a picture of the market environment as well as highlight the projects where your bids could turn into an actual business deal.

The webinar will deliver the following topics:
– General market overviews and regulatory framework
– Major water supply & treatment projects in Vietnam
– Opportunities for UK firms
– IFC (International Financial Corporation – World Bank Group) Resource Efficiency Program: support for international companies.


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