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UKABC Roundtable on the UK-Indonesia Joint Trade Review


This event organised by UKABC will include Richard Graham MP, Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy for Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and the ASEAN Economic Community and DIT’s Trade Policy Group.

The aim is to provide business input into the issues faced by companies in Indonesia. It will also be an opportunity to hear from DIT on their work in improving market access in Indonesia’s economy.

ASEAN provides significant and growing potential for UK businesses. Total trade was worth £41.9bn last year, an increase of 10.1% or £3.9bn from the previous year. Indonesia is an economy of particular importance.  As part of the UK’s increased ambition on ASEAN, DIT is conducting a bilateral Joint Trade Review (JTR) with the country.

JTRs are a trade policy tool to comprehensively review the status of the UK’s bilateral trade and identify priority sectors and key market access barriers.  DIT has conducted business engagement throughout the JTR process, both in London and at post in the British Embassy in Indonesia.  As they near the conclusion of the JTRs and start to look at next steps in key sectors, DIT would very much welcome further input from UK businesses in these sectors, to ensure they are focusing on the most pressing issues in order to best progress their resolution and continue to improve our already strong trading relationship with both markets.

Prior to the roundtable, UKABC partners will meet with the Trade Envoy before discussing the Joint Trade Review.


Please note that this event is hosted for UKABC’s partners only.

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