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Singapore Robotics Landscape – Skype Meeting


Robotics Landscape for Mass Adoption in Singapore – Opportunities and Developments

The Asia Pacific Robotics Association will be presenting on the recent rise in importance of AI and Robotics technologies in Singapore’s national agenda and how it fits into the national blueprint on Singapore’s Future Economy.

It shall share the opportunities and challenges of adopting AI and Robotics at the backdrop of current business needs and the burning platform to leverage on technology.  It shall relate to the local government’s call for test-bedding good technological solutions and the level of support which can advance the adoption of AI and Robotic solutions.  Finally, it shall relate to the opportunity to visit Singapore and explore possible business matching and potential collaboration for access to the local and regional markets.

Following the presentation, there will be a Q&A.

The event will take place by Skype Meeting starting at 08:00 (UK Time) so please click on “new registration” below to be added to the meeting invitation.

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