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Masterclass – Powerful Online Communication


Our worlds have changed beyond all recognition in an incredibly short space of time and one of the biggest challenges we are now facing is in the way we communicate with each other.

Businesses told Speak The Speech that their staff are suffering from “digital fatigue” and that meetings are often run poorly and achieve little and that their presentations and webinars are not engaging enough and lack impact.

When this pandemic started there was a general feeling of “well, we’re all in the same boat – we’ll just make the best of it.” But it is no longer acceptable to ‘just get by’ – whether we like it or not online comms are here for at least the medium term and people need to be better at it.

So that is what this webinar is going to explore. How to make the absolute best of what we have – ourselves – in our virtual communications during those meetings, webinars and pitches.

Why join? Key Takeaways:

  • Improve online presence and gravitas
  • Speak to a camera like it’s your friend
  • Enhance clarity of communication
  • Maintain engagement with an online audience

Main discussion topics:

  • Delivery – body language advice and how to speak to the camera
  • Voice – how to maintain interest and engagement with vocal techniques
  • Content – how to be clear, concise and engaging
  • Listening – how to listen online

We promise lots of practical and easy-to-use tips that will make an immediate difference to your virtual world.

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