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Launch Event: Singapore Talent Trends 2021


The hiring landscape has changed drastically in the COVID-19 era. As we move forward, organisations will continue to protect the shape of their business while focusing on the future and longer-term growth goals.

How do we prepare ourselves for the employment market and economy beyond 2021?

Join Michael Page on the launch of their Singapore Talent Trends 2021 Report, where they will address key topics and several trends that will continue developing in the employment market in the next few years. Be the first to get exclusive hiring insights on projected 2021 industry salary figures retrieved from data findings of over 1,000 employers and jobseekers surveyed and find out how you can put your business in a prime position to retain top professionals.

Gain insights into:
• Top priorities for CXOs in 2021
• Leadership & workplace strategies of the future
• Singapore’s hiring outlook, including trending sectors
• Annual increase and bonuses offered by sector
• How leaders can adjust their talent strategies to attract the best talent

Speakers from Michael Page:

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