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Keeping up with Indonesia’s Healthcare Sector: Current Market Trends and Opportunities in Healthcare


“A favourable macroeconomic environment, a rising middle class and relatively low healthcare market penetration and spending should lead to greater demand in this sector.”

BNP Paribas Report

An expanding middle class, changing lifestyles, increasing longevity and an overhaul of the social security system are all contributing to rising demand for healthcare in Indonesia. The government has vowed to extend health insurance coverage to the entire population in 2014, but it will be a challenge for state-owned enterprises to meet the additional need this creates for hospitals, equipment, services and pharmaceuticals. The private sector, therefore, is likely to be the main beneficiary of double-digit growth in Indonesia’s healthcare market.

The latest revisions to the Negative Investment List have highlighted the Indonesian government’s willingness to further open up the healthcare sector to foreign investor involvement. Part of the tenth economic policy package opened up 29 business sectors to 100 percent foreign ownership, 5 of which are in the healthcare sector. The 5 healthcare industry sectors in question are the pharmaceutical raw material industry, business and management consulting services or hospital management services, and three healthcare support services (medical equipment rental, laboratory clinics and medical check-up clinics).


Shaveen Sharma
British Chamber of Commerce Indonesia
Email: obn.team@britcham.or.id


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