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Indonesia Career Evening 2018 in London


What happens at the Indonesia Career Evening?

Many UK firms have been looking at ways to capitalise opportunities in Indonesia (the largest economy in ASEAN). The key question is whether UK businesses have the right talent combined with the required native knowledge of Indonesia, as some are struggling with entering the market or conducting business successfully.

The Indonesia Career Evening 2018 is a platform for UK corporates, SMEs, traders and exporters to tap into the brightest Indonesian talent here in the UK. This annual career event, hosted by Young Indonesian Professionals’ Association (YIPA) and hosted this year by ICAEW in London, is comprised of a career fair, specialised career workshops and in-depth career talks.

If you would like to attend the events or your company would like to secure a spot as a participating company please reach out to career.evening@yipa.org.uk for more information.

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