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Indonesia Briefing: Paving the Way Forward 2019-2024


2019 is a significant year for both Indonesia and the UK. Indonesia saw the world’s largest democratic election and the beginning on the second term of President Widodo and the UK is engaging the world in a new era of partnerships. This is the opportunity to reflect on the partnership of our island nations to chart a new path forward in a global environment.

This Forum will provide a fascinating and timely insight into Indonesia’s economic and political policies for the new 2019-2024 term. The discussions will also explore how Indonesia can play a strategic role for the UK in Southeast Asia and beyond.

Invited guests will hear from Indonesia’s leading experts and practitioners from academia, government and finance including Muhammad Lufti, Former Minister of Trade and Perry Wariyo, Central Bank Governor.

To express an interest in attending please contact: ib2019@indonesianembassy.org.uk 

Tentative agenda:

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